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lawyer Randa El Zaqzouq continues the legal awareness session for men and women

The lawyer Randa El Zaqzouq continued conducting legal awareness sessions to 20 men and women at Benaa youth center, and 20 women at Haialsalam association. During the 2 sessions, she talked about ways to terminate marriage contract which is divorce. She, also, defined divorce, its types, and its consequences on husband and wife.

She, also, talked about divorce demanded by women and the legal effects of it. She differentiated between it and normal divorced demanded by husbands. Moreover, procedures to be followed in order to make this divorce were clarified.

Another term was presented which is death, its definition, and consequences.

Finally, she discussed heritage, it conditions, and its types. She went in details about it in which it clarified the heritage of women in case the husband is dead.

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