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Wefaq society holds a meeting to launch “Rights and Resilience ” project in partnership with Actionaid


Today’s morning, Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care held a meeting to launch Rights and Resilience project implemented by Wefaq in partnership with Actionaid Palestine, funded by Danida. This was done in the presence of some figures and representatives from partner organizations.

It aimed to talk about the project scope, objectives, activities, and the target group in which the project will take 4 years.

The executive manager Bothina Sobeh addressed the overall goal of the project which is to strengthen the resilience and protection of women and youth affected by protracted crises in Gaza in accordance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

She added that the target group will be subjected throughout the project life cycle who are women survivors of gender-based violence in general, women, youth, and the poor in their community, university students, and leaders.

The project is based on the core points through which the association seeks to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to reach the main objective of the project by enhancing the resilience and protection of women and youth affected by crises in accordance with international humanitarian and human rights laws

Finally, Sobeh thanked the General Union of Palestinian Women for hosting Wefaq, and she expressed her thanks to the presence hoping the will cooperate in the future to help people get empowered.

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